Best Free Travel Apps that will Save your Time and Money

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Traveling and vacations are the most fun ways to explore the world. Many people have their travel plans etched on their palms as soon as they turn 18. Knowing that there is a huge world in front of you that you can explore and enjoy, is an exotic feeling. A part of our lives is spent meeting and mingling with new people. Not only do these experiences groom our personalities but also prepare us for the practical lives to come ahead.

In this article, we have included the best free travel apps that can help you save money on your trips. From the booking of hotels to everyday spending, these apps cover it all. Even if you are taking a road trip, we have an app for saving money on the road trip too. It is now very easy to track your money and save it for trips.

Technology can be used in many unique and interesting ways. And one of the best ways to use this technology for saving money and time is through apps. You can now use apps for trips and free travel. There are the Best Free Travel Apps available on playstore and chrome which can help you save money and time while traveling. We have listed the Best Free Travel Apps below:

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The one thing you must do before you travel abroad is compared the prices of hotels and other necessities online. When you compare prices, you will be able to find the best deal for yourself that will be within the budget. Travelzoo app is one of the best free travel apps. It shows you the prices of hotels and restaurants so you compare the cost and chose the one that is best for you. The app has a special feature; when you step into a new city, turn on the GPS and the app will show you all the cafes and other places nearby with the cost. It saves you tons of money and time.


We don’t travel to work or to add to our stress, we travel to take a break from our ordinary life. Hence, sometimes when you miss a flight or a flight is delayed, it can be stressful to ask for refunding or any other kind of compensation funds. That is why we have apps for trips and free travel. This app is called service; it automatically gives you flight information. In case there are delays in the flight or you want a refund, the app will save you from the trouble of asking for a refund or going through any lengthy procedures. The app will automatically get a refund for you.


You will find many apps that compare the prices of hotels and bookings. It can be a bit hectic to choose one site for the purpose. But this app is somewhat special. It is user-friendly and you don’t need a lot of expertise to find a hotel. Apart from the price range filter, you can apply other filters as well that compare utilities and perks at hotels. In this way, you choose the hotel that is best for you.


If you live in the USA and Canada, this app is for you. Not everyone travels by air. Some of us prefer road trips. Especially in Covid times, road trips have become popular again. This app shows you gas stations with the lowest prices nearby so you can save money on gas. It is a really helpful tool to help you save a lot of money and time. The app also has maps and tells you about restaurants near the gas station.


You will love it if someone planned the whole vacation for you. It is a dream of yours for sure. Well, the app called Triposo does the same. You provide your budget and interests in the app and the app will create a travel plan for you while staying within your budget. How helpful is that! This saves a lot of your time and energy as well as money. Just choose the location, your preferences, and budget, and Viola! Your work is done. The only thing left to do is enjoying the vacation.


The thing we all splurge a lot of money on is food. Whether at home or abroad, we all want good food and dine-in services. But if you want to save money, you will have to keep an eye on your budget for food too. Urbanspoon helps you save money by comparing the prices and services of restaurants. Not only does it compare prices, but it also shows you menus so you choose accordingly.

Trail Wallet

It is advisable to record each penny you spend on your travel. That way you will be able to track down you’re spending. But it can be difficult to track down every penny. Hence you have this app. The Trail wallet lists down each penny that you spend on your travel. From the bagel, you ate for breakfast to the flight bookings, the app lists down and records everything for you. Hence, you can save money.


This app gives you reviews about a hotel or a restaurant from people. These reviews can help you decide whether you want to stay at a certain place or not. Sometimes you might see very cheap places and you might think this is a good deal, but the reviews will save you from a possible scam. You can now use apps for trips and free travel for checking reviews.

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Additional Tips to Save Money for Traveling:

Cut your Hair

Do you ever realize how much money you have spent on all the haircuts in your life? Probably thousands of rupees. There are some very useful and step-by-step tutorials online which can help you cut your hair. No need to go to the salons to waste money.

Don’t go to watch movies

Watch your favorite movie on your borrowed Parasite Netflix account. Don’t go to the movie theater to waste 500 dollars on a movie that you can download from the internet.

Make a budget plan

At the beginning of each month make a budget plan and look at the expenses you have to pay. Make sure to separate money for rent or fees. You will be left with a small amount of money that you can put into your savings. Right now, it won’t be much but months later it will be very significant.

Dump shopping websites

We all love to waste our time on shopping websites in the middle of the night and sometimes even buy things we don’t need. Delete those apps from your phone.

Additional Apps you should have:

Apart from the Best Free Travel Apps, there are some other apps you should have on your phone

Google Translator

If you are traveling abroad, google translator will come in handy and you will be able to understand the foreign language easily.

Google Calendar

This can help you organize your schedule for the holiday and you will have everything planned out for you.

We hope this article helps you in saving money with the help of Best Free Travel Apps. Enjoy your holiday!