Different Ways for Students to Make Money Online

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Is Earn Money Online Easy?

Yes, many people want to support their family by earning money, but job opportunities are too less in Southeast Asia. That’s why we find different ways to make money online. Now in this modern world, online work is a popular and good source of income. Due to increasing unemployment in Southeast Asia, people find another source of income.

Many students earn money online by investment and then meet with many scammers. You don’t need to invest any specific money for online earning. All of you start research on online earning in Southeast Asia, and you find many easy ways to make money online quickly by spending a specific time.

What Are the Real Ways to Make Money Online?

There are many easy and real ways to make money online in Southeast Asia by learning different skills according to your interests and mindset.

 Digital Marketing

Digital marketing in Southeast Asia is one of the best online earning work. Digital marketing in which you introduce the specific brand to people and engage clients or customers digitally. You can choose affiliate marketing, Lead generation, YouTube marketing, and Social media marketing.

Now there is endless competition in marketing so, you must learn about the changing mode of the marketplace then you earn more money by marketing.


Blogging is an amazing way to make money online quickly. Firstly, you create your website and then set up self-hosted blogs with great and amazing content. If you put ads, customers come on your website, then for every click, you get money from agents.

Your amount of money depends on how many people come to your website and read your content. You can publish finance blogs, travel blogs, health and fitness blogs, Fashion blogs, Mom blogs and food blogs.


YouTube is the best way to earn money online if you have good and amazing humor. It provides opportunities to good content producers to make your channel and start publishing your content videos on it. You should create good quality content videos which are engaging to customers.

Sign in to your YouTube account with the help of a google account, then choose Creator studio. Enable monetization. Select channel > status and features. After accepting monetization, you need to connect your channel with advertising ads.

Creating Websites and Apps

By creating websites and put ads on your website is a very good way to make money online. Firstly, you make your website and put great and unique content on it. When internet users visit your website, they click on different advertising ads; per click, a small amount of money goes to the website owner by the agent.

Apps are also a good source of earning money online. Monetization strategies like advertising, subscription, sponsorship, Referral marketing, and In-app purchases are different ways to make money online by developing apps.


Freelancing is the best way to make money online, especially for students. As a student, if you earn money quickly, then you learn skills by your mindset. There are many freelancing websites in which Upwork, PeoplePerHour, Freelancer and Fiverr are introduced.

If your description content is unique, then clients come to your gig and place an order. When you complete and deliver your order to the client, the client gives you amount and reviews of your work.

Academic Writing

Academic writing is the best skill to make money online. By learning that skill, you can easily earn money by completing assignments on different academic topics. Many students worldwide hire people to complete their assignments; it would be helpful for you.

You introduce your writing skills on freelancing websites and complete the order of clients by giving them good quality content. It would be best if you had good software that makes your content free of errors.

Content Writing Work

If you are a good content writer and have a lot of interest in writing articles, stories, and blogs, you can easily earn money. Many foreign clients want amazing and diversified content for their website then they hire content writers and give handsome salaries to writers.

You can write for different blogging websites and publish your unique work. It is the best skill; if you introduce your writing skills on freelancing websites like Fiverr, you make more money from home.

Graphic Designing

Graphic designing is also a very famous skill to make money online. If you have good sketching skills and you are a good editor, you should learn this skill. After learning this skill, you introduce your skills on different freelancing websites and get paid by clients.

If you have more knowledge about Photoshop, then you go to fiver and offer your services. Clients come to your gig and place an order, and you get paid after completing the task.


Many foreign clients want proofreaders for their publishing books and articles. So they hire different people for proofreading. You must have to know about good information about that then you become a good proofreader.

You proofread their work by searching out on the internet and trying different sources to provide good quality work. You introduce your proofreading skills on different freelancing websites like on Fiverr, Freelancer and PeoplePerHour.

Selling Products On Facebook and Instagram

If you cannot create an e-commerce website, you create a page or profile on Facebook and Instagram and introduce your products on Facebook and Instagram. You put images of products on your account.

Your product description must be engaging and unique so that customers visit your page and place orders. It is a good way to make money from home.

Amazon FBA Business

It is the best skill to earn money online quickly. If you learn this skill, then you start your business on Amazon. Amazon is the best-selling platform in the whole world. You help foreign clients to sell their products on Amazon by engaging other people.

Amazon FBA business is now a very famous skill, and every one learns this and starts their business on Amazon by selling products. It is very advantageous for those who earn money online by investment.

How to Start Amazon FBA Business – Steps for Beginners

Data Entry

If you have good computer skills, then data entry jobs are the best way for online earning. It is time taking job, but you can earn money easily by that skill. Data entry jobs are now very popular in Southeast Asia. You can visit different freelancing websites to find data entry work.

Many foreign clients don’t have time, so they hire other people for data entry. You can easily find out data entry jobs and get paid by clients.

Giving Reviews

Many websites and app owners want the best reviews for their apps. So they hire different people who are giving good reviews to apps. Any website owner also needs the best reviews for their content, so they hire other people.

 It is the best way to earn money easily by giving reviews on different social media platforms and get paid by their agents.

Voice Over Skill

Many YouTube content producers want a good voice for their content. If he/she has not much time to record audio for their content, they hire people who have a good voice and give them some amount according to demands.

If you have a good voice tone, you find different voice-over jobs on different freelancing websites and social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Fiverr, Freelancer, etc. Foreign clients hire you, and then you get your payment after completing their work.

Watching Ads or Videos

On different websites, website owners put advertising ads. On per click, they get paid by agents. So owners hire different people who click on their ads or videos on the website.

It is a slow but easiest way to earn money online. Many different sites and apps introduce that are giving you a small amount of money when you visit and watch videos. It is time taking job, but you can easily work without any specific knowledge and skills.


I hope this article helps you to understand how to make money online easily. You have learned different ways that help you to make money from home easily.