How Google Keen Works, Is This Pinterest Rival?


Google is taking on Pinterest in the ongoing search to ensure it covers all of its bases.

Google has launched a range of amazing apps, some with huge running apps. The company continues to introduce applications that take ideas from other apps but develop the framework from which the concept is derived. Google Keen has quietly launched a search engine giant— an app like Pinterest.

Google has launched a Pinterest rival called Keen

Keen was officially introduced by the search engine giant Thursday. Google is billing Keen (available on the web and Android) to “share your passions” with others, so that you can curate small boards based on your own interests. If you’re interested in Basketball, build a basketball board (called the Keen), which Google will automatically fill with content related to that specific interest.

The app is available on the Internet and Android. You can use this app for sharing photos of something with others, whether it is memories, passions, or anything you want. For example, you can make a cooking board called Keen if you like to cook. Google will automatically fill the same interest in your content.

This app operates with Google’s AI and search engine technology. If a user is interested in his option, he is asked by the platform to provide some search prompts so that others can use the information. Yet the company also automatically creates prompts, providing users with specific prompts that will work best for them.

Many people, like your own parents, may also be told who can help you create the best Keen ever. This is one of the popular applications for sharing your creativity with others. Google could also add some exclusive features to it in order to compel users to turn to Keen, leaving behind Pinterest. As of now, except for the AI setup, the company has not revealed any functionality that would be different from Pinterest.

Obviously, it is a social forum to share your keens with others or even to invite friends to help you create the best we can. For now, that’s all about it to Keen. Maybe it’ll be a real Pinterest rival, or perhaps it’ll go Google+ way.