How to Start Amazon FBA Business – Steps for Beginners

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The most widespread internet marketplace Amazon has a vast targeted audience since it has 95 million prime members and 150 million Amazon users globally. If you sign up as a seller on Amazon, you will have a massive target audience. More and more people are now learning how to start a business on Amazon.

Amazon has a massive distribution network. This is why people are eager to learn how to start an Amazon FBA business. The marketplace on Amazon has three times the potential of any other eCommerce site. You’ll be surprised at how many individuals are interested in buying your stuff. It’s mind-blowing. Every seller wants to reach the maximum number of customers, which is why you should learn how to start an Amazon FBA business.

Now the good news is that you can be a seller for Amazon from anywhere in the world. This article will help you in building your FBA business as a beginner. Before we begin to learn how to start an Amazon FBA business, we must understand what FBA is.

What is Amazon FBA Business?

FBA is a business concept offered by Amazon that is a turning point for online businesses. You submit your product inventory in bulk to an Amazon warehouse through the FBA program. When a consumer purchases your product, Amazon packs it up and ships it to the consumer.

When you sell items through FBA, you do not have to fulfil individual orders, manage returns, or deal with customer support on delivery concerns. Instead of rushing to the post office every day to ship your purchases, you may spend hundreds or thousands of products at the Amazon warehouse at the same time.

FBA is used by almost 66% of the top ten thousand Amazon merchants. If you join the FBA program, you may automate order fulfilment by utilizing Amazon’s sophisticated shipping and fulfilment services, allowing you to generate more sales from Amazon’s prized prime consumers.

Why should you Indulge in the Amazon FBA Business?

At this point, you might be wondering why you should enlist yourself as a seller in the Amazon FBA business. It might seem like an extra thing that they have to do because they don’t understand the importance of opportunities they will get. But if you are a futuristic businessman, you should understand how to start an Amazon FBA business.

  • The marketplace of Amazon extends beyond any limitations. When you use Amazon, your sales will skyrocket, and you will reach a vast customer base that won’t be possible otherwise.
  • While using the FBA business model, you don’t have to deal with returns or other order issues. Your only work will be to design the product and market it.

Understanding How Amazon Works

You have to understand how Amazon works before you learn how to start an Amazon FBA businessHere is a simple explanation of how Amazon works.

You ship your items to Amazon, where they are stored in one or more distribution facilities spread across one million acres. Distribution centers are enormous warehouses staffed by robots and dedicated Amazon personnel. Your items are then tallied and categorized. They are carefully cared for. If anything is broken at one of Amazon’s warehouses, Amazon will repay the total retail price of the damaged item. When a consumer puts an order for your goods on Amazon, Amazon will handle the transaction for you. The entire procedure is mechanized.

Following that, your items are selected off the shelf, wrapped in a box, and sent to clients on your behalf. After your goods are delivered to the consumer, Amazon will contact the consumer to confirm that everything is in order. Furthermore, if a problem arises, Amazon will resolve it automatically.

How to Become a Seller on Amazon

There are some straightforward and easy steps of enlisting yourself as a seller on Amazon. Here is how you should do it. The first step is you have to create a seller account on Amazon. Create your seller account by going to, which will take you to Amazon’s official page. Then proceed with the instructions outlined below. Just follow the instructions, and your account has been created. You can find YouTube videos that entail step by step process of becoming a seller on Amazon.

How to Start a Business on Amazon

Here is how you will create a business on Amazon:

The Product

You can either create an original product of your own or reinvent a product already existing in the market. It is your choice. If you think that there should be a new kind of face wash, you can create one. Or, if you believe there is an already present facewash in the market that needs a little work, you can choose that face wash and reinvent it.

Sourcing the Product

You can use websites such as to source your product. It is an online wholesale market in China where producers and distributors worldwide show their wares. Most of these businesses will collaborate with you to design and build your one-of-a-kind product.

Market Research

It would help if you did some market research to see how much potential your product has and its famous market. This way, you will take reasonable steps, and your investment won’t go to waste.

Shipping the Product to Amazon Warehouse

The most crucial step is to ship your product to the Amazon warehouse. This is what we have wanted to do all along. This is our goal. From the Amazon warehouse, your product will be shipped to the customer. Hence, this step should be done carefully.

Every country has specific shippers to the Amazon Warehouses. We would suggest you to use flexport to deliver your product to the Amazon warehouse.


You will have to price your product carefully. From the price of taxes to the cost of shipping, you will have to include everything in mind while you price your product. Another important thing is to calculate your profits, so you will know how much you are earning from the product’s sales.

Here are some additional steps you should keep in mind while learning how to start a business on Amazon.

Use targeted keywords in the product listings. Targeted keywords definitely make a difference, which is why they are so critical in Amazon listings. With the appropriate keywords in your product names and descriptions, you will immediately see your product searches rise to the top and begin to sell successfully.

Order a small batch from the product manufacturer for yourself. This way, you will be able to take notes of how the product is and make changes if you want to. Get a prototype of the product too.

You can research products similar to your product. This will inform you about the don’t of the marketing and all the other information you need about the product.


We hope this article helps you in becoming a successful Amazon seller. Best of luck!