Mental Health and Anxiety: How to Reduce Anxiety?

Depression and Anxiety

You must have heard that a sound body comes up with a sound mind; and thus, if you want to be physically fit and fine then you must take care of your mental health. To attain optimum mental health, you are required to cleanse your mind. Whereas to cleanse the mind, you need to shudder off anxiety, stress, and everything that leads to the disruption of the aptness of your mental pattern. Read this article to know what is the relationship of mental health and anxiety amid how to take care of your mental health. 

To understand how you can cater to your mental health, you need to know about all those factors that cause disruption in the aptness of the mental pattern and in turn, disturbs your mental health. 

Major Factors Affecting Mental Health

The era we live in is bunged up with a number of factors that badly affect our mental health. The way our world is achieving advancements, the more we are becoming mentally retarded. Simply, in this global village, everyone is a loner; fighting their own battles amidst depression and anxiety. 

As I have stated above, this world is a global village where everyone is connected via telecommunication but this is exactly what has been detaching us from each other and troubling our lives. 

About the detachment, and troubles, what we call the easiest means to keep tabs on our loved ones is exactly what in actuality is tearing us apart from them by flickering negative emotions such as envy and censoriousness. Verily, social media is making a call for the downfall of our relationships and thus, our mental health. 

Keep reading to know all about mental health and anxiety triggered by the negative influence of social media on it. 

The Effects of Social Media on Our Mental Health

The more we have been indulged in social media activities, the more it is affecting our mental health. Whereas about the effect, most commonly it is negative as mentioned above. The immoderate use of social media is one of the major causes of depression and anxiety that in turn affect our mental health. The reason behind this is that where there are positive influences of social media, there are also a number of factors prevailing negativity in our lives via social media. Such factors include the way we quickly judge someone and in turn make them feel miserable about themselves; the way we feel jealous of someone happy living up to their desires and end up upsetting our own content; the way we let the sparkling facade of people’s social media lives make us feel that everyone in this world is happy except us. 

Depression and Anxiety

Verily, when we start feeling jealous, and judgmental amidst disconsolation, we end up disturbing our mental health. Therefore, if you want to take care of your mental health, you must shake off such negativity as it triggers overthinking which gives rise to inferiority complex and in turn, causes depression and anxiety. Indeed, we feel anxious and depressed because we overthink, and feel inferior to others. Whether we feel envy or inferiority, either way it triggers anxiety and depression by making us think that we are not happy and there’s nothing good in our life

Precisely, being habitual of all this, we start fearing from facing our problems and end up worsening our mental health. 

Take Care of Your Mental Health: Shake off Negativity 

To take care of your mental health, you must shake off negativity. Whereas to shake it off, you must restrict yourself from indulging in certain activities or I say thoughts that in the first place, triggers negativity.

To achieve optimum mental health, follow the below mentioned guidelines:

  • Stop considering yourself less than others (You are special in your own way)
  • Don’t run from your problems (Be steady and solve them smartly)
  • Restrain yourself from copying others (Find your own way)
  • Stop thinking that you are good for nothing (Try to decipher your talent)
  • Stay away from those who make you feel miserable (Be with those who support you)


About believing in yourself, it doesn’t mean to believe in the shit that you have been feeding yourself by absorbing negativity. In fact, believe in yourself means to believe in the fact that you are not miserable, you are not lesser, you are special in your own way, all you need to do is to find out what makes you special and distinct from others. Always believe in yourself that GOD has fashioned your essence with something that no other human can possess: Just think “what if you have been failing as a science student but secure the highest rank as a language learner?”

No matter what, just entrust yourself with a determination to make your life worth living, and you’ll see how your mental health will get better gradually. 

Mental Health Tips

Apart from these, follow these mental health tips:

  • Don’t stay awake at night (Try to sleep at sharp 11 o’clock)
  • Be habitual of morning walk (Try to wake up early in the morning)
  • Avoid using smart phone/laptop continuously (Try to do something content fetching; spend time with family; read books; cook) 
  • Don’t let anyone influence you in a negative way (Don’t copy others’ bad habits)
  • Don’t try to match anyone’s way of living (Be happy in what you are and what you have)
  • Stop looking for what others have but you don’t  (Keep tabs on what you have but others don’t)
  • Stop being late (Be punctual; be habitual of doing work on time) 
  • Stop thinking that no one loves you (Look around, and be grateful for every single person you have in your life; everyone loves you in their own way)
  • Stop looking for others to give you support (Be on your own)
  • Stop repressing your feelings (Share whatever you feel or think; communicate)

Whatever the situation is, never forget you are the biggest support of yours. You are the one who can lift you out of the problems. It is you who possess the power to bring peace in your life. No matter how much your loved ones loves you, adores you, understands you or supports you, nothing works out until you believe in that you are not supposed to be wasted like a shit and nothing can take you down. Yes, it is only you who can take care of your mental health. 

Keep reading this article to know about mental health and anxiety: causes, symptoms and treatments of anxiety. 

Mental Health and Anxiety In Teenage 

Nowadays, teenage anxiety is the most common. We can say that generalized anxiety or panic disorders can be seen among teenagers most commonly.

As in the teenage years, we don’t know how to handle and tackle difficult situations, so we end up worsening the situation. The unpleasant circumstances or unwanted things can lead teenagers to feel anxiety. Teenagers suffer anxiety because they don’t have the courage or sense to deal with unpleasant situations.

Symptoms of Anxiety

As anxiety is a mental illness, it is concerned with the abnormal functioning of one’s nervous system. The state of anxiety directly affects one’s nervous system that can be seen through the following signs and symptoms:

Symptoms of Anxiety
  • Uncomfortableness (Gets uncomfortable in unwanted/unpleasant situations)
  • Trembling
  • Abnormal Movement of Various Body Parts (Hands/Foot begins to shiver)
  • Sweating
  • Sleeplessness
  • Heavy Breathing
  • Increased Heart Rate
  • Lose of Senses (Unable to Sense What’s Happening)

Moreover, some people in this mental illness begin to hurt themselves or others surrounding them. They either end up hurting not only their peace of mind but their bodies as well or they tend to break things. Well, it depends upon the intensity level of the anxiousness. The anxiety symptoms may vary with respect to the types of it.

How To Reduce Anxiety?

To overcome anxiety, you have to learn how to hold on to your senses. In the state of anxiety, especially the teenagers tend to lose their senses and fail to figure out what is wrong and right.

Remember these things to overcome teenage anxiety:

  • Stop trembling
  • Take deep breaths
  • Grip something to stop your body from shaking (Hug a pillow)
  • Drink a glass of water
  • Wash your face
  • Distract your mind (Talk to someone/ownself, read something, play games, or watch movies)
  • Don’t come in contact with something/someone that can make you uncomfortable
  • Be your own protector and hold on to your shattering self
  • Remember that no one’s going to aid you, only you can help yourself
  • Don’t look for someone else to please you
  • Be there for your ownself and promise yourself that you will overcome all of your worries and stress

Whatever is happening, has happened, or can happen, just remember one thing that you have to keep moving. You have to stand up and gather your broken pieces. You can’t spoil your life while getting anxious and feeling despair.

Be a survivor instead of ending your life while feeling like a victim. Don’t victimize yourself and throw yourself in the swamp of anxiety. Life is characterized by ups and downs: happiness and worries. So, don’t feel anxious if your life is facing a downfall.

Pull yourself out of these miseries and free yourself from this distressing mental illness. You don’t need a supporter or a shelter because you are enough for yourself. Wipe your tears and stand up!