Science Fiction Meets Reality | Flying Car Displays its Potential in the Air

Image of Flying Car
AirCar in flight mode (Klein Vision)

The car has been regarded as a symbol of personal freedom since its introduction, allowing drivers and passengers to travel whenever and wherever they want without being confined by rail or other modes of transit.

However, because many cities and towns’ roads are frequently blocked, people in cars are more likely to be stuck in long traffic jams, sometimes for several hours, feeling trapped.

Meanwhile, some companies are trying hard to reintroduce this sense of freedom through a new car engineering flying car. Slovakia is not one, but two companies who are pioneering the development of flying cars.

The concept of flying cars is not new. Henry Ford, the automobile tycoon, claimed as early as 1940. “Remember my words: an airplane and a car combination is on the way. You can smile now, but it will come eventually.”

However, work has been done in recent years to establish a feasible model.

“Although there are still many problems to be solved, whether it is a technical problem or the future use of such cars,” Jozef Uhrk, an automotive expert and Slovakia Key figures in the development of the automobile industry, told the Slovak audience, “great progress has been made in the design and engineering of flying cars and the technologies they require.”

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Most of them are built on vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) principles, similar to helicopters, although some are working on cars that take off and land on a runway, exactly like regular aeroplanes.

BlackFly is often referred to as a flying car. After a prototype flying car completed a 35-minute flight between two cities in Slovakia, it was one step closer to production.

The flying car is a hybrid vehicle that can switch from a sports car to an airplane in three minutes.

It flew from an international airport in Nitra to a second airport in Bratislava, Slovakia’s capital, on Monday. Professor Stefan Klein, the vehicle’s creator, drove the vehicle off the runway and into town when it landed.

This flight, he declared, marked the beginning of “a new era of dual transportation.”

According to Klein Vision, the company behind flying car, the invention is equipped with a 160-horsepower BMW engine with a maximum cruising speed of 190 km/h (118 mph).

Image of Flying Car
The Slovak Spectator

It has a BMW engine, operates on ordinary gasoline from the pump, and has flown for 40 hours at an altitude of 8,200 feet in test flights. Two persons can travel in flying car if their combined weight does not exceed 200 kg (31 stones).

Klein personally tested the plane and flew into the city for reporters and residents to watch. But the plane is not ready to fly out of your lane. It cannot take off and land vertically, it needs a runway.

Morgan Stanley said two years ago that the value of the flying car industry will reach $15 trillion by 2040. The future of passenger travel, defense applications and consumer goods transportation are all affected by investments in this business.

Klein Vision, on the other hand, remarked that Monday’s test flight brought “science fiction into reality.”

“With flying car, you can go to your destination without having to fly or go through commercial security.”

“You can drive the flying car to a golf course, office, shopping centre, or your hotel and park it in a normal parking space,” said Anton Zajac, co-founder of Klein Vision.

“In the United States alone, there are around 40,000 aircraft orders,” Zajac stated. “We’ll have a large market if we convert 5% of them into flying automobiles.”

Flying car reminded Stephen Wright, a senior researcher in avionics and aircraft at the University of the West of England, of “the loving son of the Bugatti Veyron and the Cessna 172.”

Despite the fact that the aircraft appeared to be “really awesome,” he had reservations about its certification.

Anyone can build a plane, Wright told the BBC, but the secret is to build an aeroplane that can fly, fly, and fly another million hours. There’s only one individual on the plane who hasn’t had any mishaps. I’m looking forward to seeing a piece of paper stating that it’s safe to fly and sell.