Similarities and Differences Between Harry Potter 3 Film and Book

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Many literary masterpieces are being presented through films. Many films are based on novels. However, each of them uses different ways to tell similar stories. In this article, an analysis of “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban” film and its written text that is written by J. k. Rowling, the third installment in the Harry Potter novel and film series, in terms of their similarities and differences is discussed.

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Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Similarities and Differences in Harry Potter 3 Film and Book 

In accordance with the analysis of Harry Potter 3 Film and Book, the plot of the book covers a quite lengthy story as compared to its representation in film. However, the story in the film is the same but a lot of detail is missing in it as compared to the book. The way story is represented through the film is quite different as most of the scenes have been cut off and the rest has emerged. After analyzing the Harry Potter 3 Film and Book. we can say that a lot of detailed scenes have been reduced to short duration to shape the book righteously so that it can be the best fit in the form of the film because a film is about 120 minutes long, usually.

For example, as the novel starts with Harry laying on his bed on his stomach under the sheet hiding from the Dursleys ( his so-called guardians, who don’t like Harry and his belonging to the wizarding world ), in the light coming through his wand, trying to do his homework assigned by his teachers from Hogwarts, his school of wizardry. This scene in the novel is presented with a detailed expression but in the film, it is reduced to a short duration.

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As per the analysis of the Harry Potter 3 Fil and Book, in the first scene of the film, Harry is sitting on the bed trying to study under the sheet and his sheet instantly illuminates by the light coming from his wand on casting a spell but he pretends to sleep whenever the Uncle Vernon come to check him. Here the difference is that in the novel this scene is expressed in a detailed manner such as Harry reads a paragraph from the large leather-bound book, how he putt his quill between his teeth and reaches underneath his pillow for ink bottle and write, pausing to listen as he’s secretly doing his task hiding from Dursleys as he was abandoned to use his spell books, wand, cauldron, and a broomstick.

Whereas, in the film the Uncle Vernon come to check on Harry again and again which is not expressed in the novel, as he is underneath the blanket casting a spell to lighten up the dark so that he can read but his struggle such as using a quill, seeking for ink and reading a paragraph from the large book is not shown in the film.

Verily, the film is originally based on the novel but a lot of detail is missing in the film’s plot. Some scenes have been completely cut off from the film or changed. Moreover, the sequence of many scenes has been changed as they are merged together at various points in the film.

To sum up, the story of the novel is presented in the film with not that much change in the storyline but with reduced detail such as how Harry thinks towards certain things, the introductory lines about certain people and things, History behind Marauder’s map, the secret of 4 friends being anagmies, the detailed story of how peter betrayed James and Lilly, Crookshanks and Sirius’s bonding and how crook shanks worked secretly to help him catching peter.

Similarities and difference between Harry Potter 3 film and book can be highlighted through the following points:

  • Harry’s struggle for his wizarding belongings such as for spell books, broomstick and wand is mentioned in the novel but not in the film
  • Uncle Vernon’s company car isn’t shown in the movie whereas it is mentioned in the novel
  • Ron’s phone call to Harry which is received by Uncle Vernon is mentioned in the novel but not shown in the movie
  • In the movie, Harry never got birthday presents and letters from his friends whereas in the novel he got presents from his friends
  • The monster book which he received from Hagrid as a birthday present at Dursley’s in the novel Fudge gave Harry at Diagon Alley in movie
  • Harry’s thoughts about certain things are not shown in the film as compared to novel
  • In the novel, Sirius’ escape and that he is a wanted criminal has been shown on Muggles Television at Dursley’s whereas in film this scene has been cut off and for the very first time Harry came to know about Sirius as an escaped criminal of Azkaban in the Knight bus
  • Harry’s past bad events with Aunt Marge are not shown in film
  • Aunt marge’s stay at Dursley’s is of one week whereas in movie it is not even of one day
  • Harry told his name as  “Neville” in Knight Bus where as in movie he didn’t do so
  • A length of conversation and other events took place in the Knight bus in novel whereas in movie the scenes are reduced to a short length missing a lot of detail
  • Harry’s two weeks stay at Diagon Alley all alone, his freedom, buying of books and an urge to buy Firebolt is not showed in movie
  • Harry’s meeting with Hermione, Ron and the rest of the Weasleys is presented differently and with huge detail in the novel as compared to the movie
  • A hurry of tension between Percy and Ron is mentioned in the novel whereas not shown in the movie
  • In the novel, Hermione went to buy an owl and instead she bought a cat named Crookshanks whereas this detail is missing in movie
  • Harry listened to Mr. and Mrs. Weasley’s conversation about harry and prisoner of Azkaban, Sirius Black, whereas in the movie this scene is missing
  • In the novel, Mr. Weasley talked to Harry in private and warned him about Sirius Black at Kingscross station whereas in the movie this scene took place at Daigon Alley
  • In the novel, Professor lupin’s presence, attack on dementor and Harry’s chat about Sirius black with his friends is presented differently
  • Draco along with his two friends came to annoy Harry and his friends Nivel and Ginny were also there when the dementor came in train whereas in the movie all these scenes have been cut off
  • Frog song scene on third year’s start at Hogwarts which is presented in the movie is nowhere in the novel
  • Harry and his friends meeting with Hagrid to greet him on his posting as a teacher is mentioned in the novel but not shown in the movie
  • In the film, Fat Lady’s trick to breaking the glass by her voice is shown whereas in the novel it is not mentioned anywhere
  • In the novel, Cedric degree one of the main character of Harry Potter and the Goblet of fire is introduced against whom Harry played in Quidditch, whereas in the movie there’s no scene of Cedric
  • Another character from Goblet of fire named Cho Chang which is introduced in novel and Harry’s crush on her is also revealed through this novel but in movie all this has not been shown
  • In the novel, there were three Quidditch match two of which Harry won on his firebolt but in the movie only one Quidditch match is shown during which Harry happened to fall from his Nimbus two-thousand due to dementors attack
  • In the novel, Harry got firebolt after first Quidditch match, from an anonymous person on Christmas whereas in film, at the end Harry got firebolt along with a feather of Buckbeak
  • In the novel, Malfoy along with his friend in disguise of a dementor tried to threaten Harry during Quidditch match
  • In the novel, many Hippogriffs were shown whereas in the movie, only one named Buckbeak was shown
  • In the novel, an array of tension between Hermione and Ron has been shown because of crookshanks and scabbers ,  how Ron and even Harry didn’t talk to Hermione or Hermione to them, whereas  in film this tension has not been highlighted that much
  • In the movie, Hermione slaps Draco on the way to Hagrid but in the novel, this scene took place when Harry, Ron, and Hermione were coming back with Hagrid after a lesson on magical creatures
  • In the novel, Professor’s Trelawney’s prediction about Harry’s faith happened on his final exam’s day whereas in the movie this scene took place after a divination class when Harry went to return her crystal ball
  • In the novel, Harry is caught up by Professor Snape when he was running up from Hogsmeade back to the castle and later saved by Professor Lupin, whereas this scene, where Snape Caught up Harry and saved by lupin took place when Harry was wandering in the Castle at night with Marauder’s map
  • In film, Harry saw Peter Pettigrew on the map and told Professor Lupin about it whereas in the novel it never happened  
  • In the novel, Lupin and Sirius told Harry, Ron and Hermione about the Marauders being them and their other two friends James and Peter, and that they’re Animagi
  • In the novel, Harry and Sirius’s conversation held on the way out of Shrieking Shak whereas in the movie, they talked to each other when they were somewhere outside the Shrieking Shak
  • In film, Hermione distracted Lupin (as a werewolf) whereas in novel it is not mentioned
  • In the novel, Harry told Hermione that he saw his father who saved them from dementors when they were back in time whereas in the film he told this to her when he woke up  in hospital after dementor’s attack
  • In the novel, Fudge and Snape came to the hospital and had a length of conversation about Sirius and Snape pointed out that Harry is involved in all this whereas in the film only Dumbledore came to the hospital    
  • In the novel, Hagrid revealed about Lupin’s resignation to Harry and in Lupin’s office, a length of conversation took place between Dumbledore and Harry which has not been shown in the film
  • In the novel, after the final term getting back home, in train Harry got a letter from Sirius in which he revealed that he told him that he and buckbeak are safe, and he was the one who sent him the firebolt. He also sent an allowance letter for Harry that as Harry’s Godfather he allowed him to visit Hogsmeade once in a week whereas in the film all these scenes have been cut off.
  • Unlike the move, In the end of the book, at kings cross, Uncle Vernon came to pick up Harry back to the home where Harry revealed about his Godfather and also threaten him by telling him that his Godfather is an escaped prisoner and a murderer.