Take A Deep Breath and Remember Who You Are What is Your Identity

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How often does it happen to you that you forget your keys or important documents at home? Have you ever forgotten to pack your favorite or essential accessories with you while going on a trip? Have you ever left your wallet or phone on the counter of a shopping mall or restaurant? Take a deep breath and remember who you are. All these things are very common and happen to all of us once in our life and if it hasn’t happened to you yet, you’re lucky. But safety is better than losing.

All persons have a hectic routine and their mind is full of stuff. So it’s quite fair to forget things to take with you. But it becomes the worst incident of yours if it creates a massive problem for you like if someone forgot his assignment at his home and he has no time to go back and bring the assignment. He can also get fired for showing such irresponsibility or if you misplaced your debit card at the table of a restaurant. You’ll be in trouble. So trying some simple tricks can save you from such a tangle.

So, here you go! You’re at the right spot! Here you’ll find the perfect solution to your problem more easily. It will help you to memorize to carry things with you by just adding some simple steps to your usual routine.

1.     Make Memory Notes

It is always advisable to keep the task written in front of your eyes. When you see it, your mind will make you think about it. This trick helps a lot when it comes to remembering some important things. For example, if you have planned to do something different from your usual routine, write on the sticky note and display it somewhere you must go to visit after waking up. If you have to bring any home assignment to the college or office. Write on the note ” take the assignment”. And you’ll remember to take it. You can paste the sticky note on your dressing mirror, refrigerator door, or anywhere you want.

  • Don’t try it with your usual things as it will fail to be an effective remainder. Otherwise, build it as a routine. Check this sticky note as a reminder before leaving the house. You can also use an eraser whiteboard instead.

2.     Follow Up the Same Routine

When you go towards the office, leave the restaurant, get out of your car, come from the office, leave the home, and so on, pursue the regular pattern. Make your usual routine your second routine.  It will make your mind more active and sharp. You’ll automatically follow all the habits without even thinking about them. So when there’s something special to bring along with you, your mind will think about it. In this way, it’ll be easier to memorize to carry things with you.

  • Take a deep breath and remember who you are: Modify your multi-sensory checklist – holding your wallet, jangling your keys, etc. – or singing a memory song should be a constant part of your departure routine.

3.     Recall A Multi-Sensory Checklist

Making a checklist is the top priority option to memorize to carry things with you. Always remember to recall your checklist before leaving the place. But making it more modified, involves your other senses as well. Speak it louder: talk to yourself. Take a deep breath and remember who you are: it will not make you look stupid. It is just a technique that science has shown when you speak, your ears, tongue, brain, and eyes get activated. So when more senses are involved. There is less chance of missing out on anything to carry with you.

  • Like, saying it yourself, do I have kept my wallet? Yes. My keys? Yes. My file? Yes. 
  • Or you can also try it like, had I packed those sandwiches? Yes. My backpack? Yes. My notebooks? Yes. My Student card? Yes.

4.     Set Phone Reminders

The phone is usually the most displayed screen in our lives currently. You can forget everything to take with you except your phone. We all keep checking our phones before going to bed. Moreover, after waking up the first thing we do is to check the phone and check notifications. So it is quite beneficial to set reminders on the phone: so you’ll be more likely to memorize to carry things with you. It is too convenient that you not only set the remainder but also can set up a fixed time for it. Moreover, there is an option of creating a specific message here you can create a list of things you need to carry with you.

5.     Regular Organization

It is vital to organize your stuff regularly. It is an old saying that always puts things in their place. When you come back to your home after a long day, it’s entirely fair to get tired. But tossing your stuff anywhere is not an option. Take a deep breath and remember who you are: you’re made to conquer the world. All you need is just to put in a little bit of effort. So, you’re worthy of organizing your things at their place. It is easy to memorize to carry things with you when everything is in its place. Your mind is already prepared about all the stuff.

6.     Hang Your Stuff Near the Door

The door is the main place of the house where you’ll go before leaving and entering the house. Storing your important stuff near the door is the most useful technique. As whenever you’re going out, your eyes will catch it. You need to always remember to keep the important stuff here when you come home. You can hang the keys, face mask, and Id card here. You can also place your documents or presentation here if you don’t have the fear that it will not be misplaced from here.

  • You can hang hooks, make drawers, cubbies, shelves, or whatever that suits you according to space and your choice.

7.     Adopt Healthy Habits

It is always good to maintain your lifestyle. Adopting some healthy habits can also help you to not forget stuff. Take a deep breath and remember who you are. You can do anything if you’re determined. Maintain your routine:

  • Eat healthily. Take fewer sugars in your diet.
  • Sleep more.
  • Meditate.
  • Socialize yourself and get involved in things to make your brain active.
  • Don’t let your attention be diverted.
  • Stay active: do work out regularly.

Every day you have new challenges to face. When anything unplanned happens, you don’t feel good. So it’s important to take a deep breath and remember who you are and what you need to do. When you don’t memorize to carry things with you, it can ruin your day, presentation, or picnic. So always set reminders, make checklists, follow up the same routine pattern and try to adopt a healthy lifestyle. It will help you to improve your memory and to not forget any kind of stuff.