The Best Password Manager App to Use | Free and Paid

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Throw your sticky notes and feel calm. Your first defense against hacking will be our favorite password managers.

Most of the people use weak passwords and use them again on different websites. How can you use secure and unique passwords on all the websites you use frequently? A best password manager is the solution.

Using a best password manager app, you can control your login credentials, automatically complete forms in your web browsers, and sync your data over your Macs and Windows PCs.

It can be difficult to handle different passwords. The master password is the only way you have to remember. It encrypts the password database with the password you have. It’s a good strategy for protecting your data online by using unique passwords and changing them regularly. It’s not a good idea to reuse passwords. However, it can be challenging to remember all your passwords and update your passwords frequently to secure your specific account.


Bitwarden was released in 2016 as a free open source password manager. The term ‘open source’ implies that anyone on GitHub can test the code. A password encryption program manager can create, store and complete your passwords free of charge on your computer and popular browsers, including Brave and Tor. You can share with another person all your login information. You can add 1 GB of encrypted file storage for ten dollars per year. Five family members or friends will share login details for $12 a year. It is audited by independent computer scientists and third-party security auditing firms, according to the company.

You can get browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge, Safari, and three others when you do not want to install Bitwarden on your desktop directly.


LastPass password manager is offering you with free and premium features. Once the master password is established, only import any stored login identifiers — Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Opera, and Safari. As the best password manager app in this section, LastPass free app allows you to store passwords, user login data, and credentials and to sync all of them anywhere you want — via desktop and mobile devices. You may also share credentials with someone else. It also allows you to delete details from your machine and keep it secure, so you don’t have to forget your super-safe master password.


The list of LogMeOnce features is almost surprising, but it should certainly be on your shortlist if you are searching for intense customizability. It is a free, ad-supported version that provides unrestricted password storage and synchronization on all devices, with strict restrictions on protected password sharing, saved credit cards, and protected notes.

An upgrade to a premium plan for $30 or $39 a year will eliminate ad and storage constraints and allow extra things such as a personalized dashboard and a protection feature to pick up a bunch of people who try to hack your account. There are also options for the company, enterprise, and managed service provider.


Dashlane provides a secure and easy way to manage your passwords and store other login details. It is supported by two-factor authentication and the ability to change multiple passwords in just a few clicks on several sites. We just like it to manage passwords, but the free Dashlane program restricts you to one computer and 50 passwords. In case of issues with your account, it can also exchange encrypted passwords with emergency contacts. The $60 premium is similar to the 1Password and LastPass plans. The annual subscription of $120 Premium Plus adds to the monitoring of credit and theft.


RoboForm turns 20 in 2020 and is a senior citizen in contrast with some of its rivals. The free version supports unlimited access to Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, and all major browsers. It supports free software. This version saves your ID database locally, so you are responsible for the backup and manual synchronization of these data between devices.

A $24-year subscription service that provides Cloud backup, synchronization, and 2-factor authentication functions for RoboForm everywhere. This also includes a protected shared folder and the ability to recognize trusted contact with the urgent access to the passwords that were saved in case of death or severe illness. The family option is up to five users, with business plans costing $35 a year. Multi-year buying discounts are available.


1Password, which allows you to have access to your accounts and services with one master password, is the best password manager app for the purpose when searching for a trustworthy password manager to keep your login details secure and safe. It provides an integrated ‘watchtower’ feature that alerts you of continuing violations of the website. There is no free version of the well-built password manager, but you can try it out 30 days before registering. It is available on all device platforms.

The main drawback is that the service costs $3 a month when paid monthly, which is the lack of a free edition. In addition to synchronizing everything locally, this subscription enables you to sync your information between computers through Dropbox, iCloud, or another convenient process.

Sticky Password

Former staff of AVG Technologies, Sticky Password was created in 2001 as a leader in freemium for security software. This is a best password manager app, true to its roots, provides a fully-functional free version, which runs in all major computer and Browser classes, provides an infinite number of saved passwords, and supports biometric and authentication.

The paid package of $30 a year offers the ability to synchronize computers with either the company servers or a local alternative using your own WLAN. It also supports secure cloud backups, password sharing, and prioritizes support. You can get a lifetime membership for $200 if you’re fully dedicated to the service.


Keeper Security is another best password manager app that lets you handle login details on devices running Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. It provides a variety of corporate, business, family, and personal password solutions. It is one of the most flexible of currently available password managers. A free edition on one computer gives you limitless passwords. The new version costs $30 a year and allows you to synchronize passwords across various devices. You can get 10 GB of protected file storage for about $60 a year.

Keeper has more control over which data you can store than other password managers. You can maintain custom fields with passport information, driver license numbers, etc. in the app.