Useful Kitchen Hacks | To Make Cooking Easier And Quicker

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If you have always wanted to improve your kitchen hacks, this is a glorious year for you. As restaurants closed or only provided takeaway services, and because of the lockdown, Americans spent more time at home, so home cooking began to recover. According to the International Food Information Council’s (IFIC) annual food and health survey of 1,000 American adults, more than half of them reported a higher percentage of cooking at home.

Maybe you are not a born but anything that makes your life easier in the kitchen is much appreciated. The IFIC survey found that people are relying on packaged food more than ever. However, you can also use many other hacks in the kitchen to enjoy delicious dishes on the table with less time, energy and cleaning work. There are some time-tested kitchen tips and tricks are shared. They are what I really use and love. I have been using some of them for a long time!

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Removing an eggshell fragment

Grabbing a piece of eggshell that has fallen into the batter may become an act of chasing a wild goose; you have two solutions. First, just wet your fingers and reach out. (Easy, but it works!)

For a cleaner option, use half of the cracked egg to dig out the broken shell. The eggshell acts as a magnet, which can draw the eggshell fragment without wasting too many eggs.

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Skip store bought soup

Making vegetable soup is as easy as boiling and serving. The broth can be covered and refrigerated for three days or frozen for up to six months. Use it in soups or casseroles, rice, and other recipes that require stock.

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Make herbs last longer

There is nothing worse than buying fresh herbs and seeing the herbs wither the next day. This simple storage tip keeps herbs such as parsley and coriander bright! Trim the stems and place them in a small glass of water. Then, put a plastic bag on the top, and then tie the plastic bag into a knot or wrap it with butcher rope to secure it. Store in the refrigerator or on the counter for up to two weeks!

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Get the most juice from oranges

One of the kitchen hacks is to give your oranges some heat in the microwave. This hack just takes an extra 10 seconds to put it in the microwave. This will allow the juice to flow more freely, especially if your oranges are taken directly from the refrigerator. Then roll your oranges back and forth on the counter for several times. This will help break up the various parts of the fruit, making it easier to squeeze more juice. Serve it with ice cubes.

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Stick your cheese in freezer

In general, the best way to use kitchen hacks; it is the most effective way freeze cheese that is designed for cooking rather than freshly eaten cheese. Hard and semi-hard cheeses such as cheddar, Swiss cheese, brick cheese, and blue cheese can be frozen, but their texture usually becomes brittle and powdery. They will also be harder to cut. Mozzarella cheese and pizza cheese are usually also suitable for freezing, especially shredded pizza cheese. Nevertheless, its texture and melting properties may still be negatively affected. Some semi-soft cheeses, such as Stilton or soft goat cheese, are also very suitable for freezing. Mozzarella, Pizza cheese, Cheddar, Colby, Edam, Gouda, Monterrey Jack, Limburger, Provolone, Swiss are the best cheese to freeze.

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Use your leftover pasta water

Warm your leftover pasta dish the next day with leftover pasta water to add some flavour and richness. Instead of using tap water, use your leftover pasta water in pasta. If you’re making a big meal, it can be easy to simply transfer your pasta water to another pot when you’re done cooking. You can then bring that water to a boil and use it.

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Freeze your pizza or pasta sauce

Cook the sauce according to the instructions. Let it cool completely. Pour it into a glass bottle, leaving about 1 inch of space at the top so that the sauce can expand once it freezes. Store up to 3 months. You can also freeze leftover pasta or pizza sauce from the supermarket.

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Use rubber bands to prevent slipping the chopping board

Despite our best efforts, all of us were cut at least twice because the cutting board slipped at the wrong moment. Fortunately, there is a simple solution. Simply slide the rubber band on either end of the cutting board, and you won’t find band-aids in the middle of preparation time.

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Ensure fresh and juicy apples

There are various kitchen hacks to make the lunch box apples fresh and juicy but this hack is really amazing:

  1. Chop the apples as usual.
  2. Put them back in place and fasten them with rubber bands. This technique can retain moisture and limit the exposure of the slices to the air.
  3. Eat more with less browning.
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Save your fruit salad from browning

This method works because citric acid and vitamin C in lemon or orange juice and the peptides in honey or sugar slow down the oxidation process that causes discoloration.

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Squeeze an orange or lemon juice can keep apple slices or other fruits that tend to go brown look unappetizing. The method of mixing 1 part of honey or sugar and two parts of water can almost prevent the fruit from browning.

Freeze onions

Onions are very picky. If you store onions in a state that is too hot, too cold, or too humid, they will sprout, mold, or become soft. As they prefer to store it at a temperature of 4-10°C / 40-50°F, which is higher than the refrigerator, but lower than the typical room temperature. Therefore, finding the correct location can be tricky.

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Chop your onions, put them in freezer bags, freeze them and use them within three months. This kitchen hack works very well when you do not have suitable storage space; you hate to chop fresh onions every dinner and You can enjoy the convenience of pre-cut food and the satisfaction and low price of your own cooking.

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Use your stand mixer to knead the dough

Sometimes it is too laborious to knead homemade bread by hand. However, if you have a stand mixer and dough hook, there is no need to worry. A few minutes of kneading can achieve the same effect as manual kneading. You can also try these no-knead bread recipes at any time!

Prevent watery eyes while cutting onions

To prevent the tears caused by onions, freeze this aromatic vegetable before chopping it. You can also use a food processor to chop the onions after taking their skin off.

Another option that can be considered is to wear swimming goggles to protect your eyes when you chop onions. Or, put a piece of bread in your mouth to absorb the irritating gas before entering your eyes.

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Pit and Peel the avocado with a spoon

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One of the most effective kitchen hacks is, if your avocado is ripe (not hard). After washing and slicing avocado on a clean towel on the counter or under the cutting board to prevent slipping. Remove the avocado seed by sliding the spoon between the seed and fruit and take the seed out gently. If you are making guacamole then you can take out the avocado with spoon and put it in a bowl otherwise, you can cut the avocado in half or into wedges. Grasp the outer dark layer or skin and pull it out of the inner green flesh of the fruit. If some of the darker, almost black parts of the peel remain on the fruit’s green flesh, just cut it off. The yellow to green part of the avocado is what you want.

Scoop out the passion fruit and eat it

Wash the fruit thoroughly first and gently scrub off any pesticides and dirt. Slice the top of the passion fruit off. Spoon out the seeds and pulps of your fruit as it is a great way to save as much juice as you can.